Can Vote?


I have been asked several times who my voters are.

The short answer is, if you live anywhere in the Spring Hill School District and you are registered to vote, YOU CAN VOTE FOR ME!

The Spring Hill School Board Elections are a little confusing because we have 7 board positions and they come from three different geographic areas of Spring Hill. There are two board members elected from each area and one board member “At Large”. These areas are intended to make sure ALL of the district is represented, in other words, we don’t want 7 board members from the North West corner of the district making all the decisions.

If there is a primary election voters can only vote for the primary candidates in their area. A primary occurs if there are more than three people running for the same position. This year I have two opponents so we will NOT have a primary. 

In the General Election (November 7) anyone in the Spring Hill School District 
can vote for any candidate running for any position that is up for election.

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